Make it Count Lesson Plans

The objectives provide a concise overview of the intended goals for the lesson.

The discussion is intended to introduce the objectives to the students by way of questions that are relevant to the topic.

Each lesson plan describes an activity that supports the objectives. The activity is intended to suggest a creative, applied manner by which to teach financial literacy.

The extension activity is designed to supplement the original activity by way of either homework or further classwork.

Collaborative Feedback
The collaborative feedback section suggests a way to collaborate on the findings from the activity and the extension sections of the lesson plan.

Teacher Tips
Teacher tips suggest creative ways that allow the teacher to enrich the activity and/or incorporate the activity into a suggested subject area.

Lesson plans are complete with ready‑to‑copy student handouts and other lesson components. In the Extras section of this guide, you will find a Make it Count student program cover. Photocopy and distribute it to the students when you start the program.